Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#1 Subway line to undergo major repair 6-2010 thru 6-2012

The Dyckman Street station on the #1 subway line will undergo major renovations that will close the station for ten months northbound and 10 months southbound. In addition for 14 weekends (to be announced) from 11:30 PM Friday night to 5AM Monday morning the #1 line will be shut down from 168th Street to 242nd Street. Northbound #1 riders will have to transfer at 168th Street to the A train to 207th Street, then board shuttle buses for stops to 242nd Street. Southbound #1 riders will have to board shuttle buses to the 207th Street A line stop and take the A train to 168th Street to catch the #1 train southbound. 
Regular weekday #1 service will bypass Dyckman street the side of construction in progress. Additional repair work consisting of no more than one months duration will occur at the W.207th Street, W.215th Street, W.225th Street, W.238th Street, and W. 242th Street stations. These stations will also be bypassed during construction as riders will have to come back on the other side to exit at the stations under construction with the exception of W.242thStreet.    
Work at the Dyckman Street station northbound will begin in September 2010 and continue through June 2011. Work southbound will begin July 2011 and continue thru June 2012. It was not announced as to when construction work will begin on the other five #1 stations. 
There was a meeting in Manhattan near the Dyckman Street station to inform local residents, and Councilman G. Oliver Koppell is seeking a meeting from the MTA to inform Bronx residents who use the #1 train of the construction work and service interruptions.

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