Monday, June 7, 2010

80th Assembly Race Update

MORRIS PARK, THE BRONX – After discussing a plan of action with fellow community minded individuals of the 80th Assembly District, twenty-seven year old John Jay College graduate student and former Obama campaign field organizer, Robert Giuffre announces that he will campaign for the seat in the Democratic Primary election.  Proudly endorsed by previous challenger and community leader, Joe Thompson, Giuffre will run a true grassroots campaign. Thompson commented on his endorsement:
“Robert has displayed a passion to improve his community. By challenging an incumbent and political establishment, he has proven his courage and fortitude. Albany, with few exceptions, has proven to be self-centered rather than community-minded, and it is time we elect representatives who truly believe in the constitutional words: of the people, by the people and for the people.”
Robert Giuffre is starting his campaign very late in the political season because other potential candidates displayed interest in running. Out of party loyalty and respect, Giuffre intended to support the best qualified challenger. After it became clear that no challenger would step up to the plate and run, Giuffre decided to throw his hat into the political ring. Giuffre commented on his candidacy:
“I am profoundly honored to receive the support of Joe Thompson and other dedicated members of the community. Living in Morris Park my entire life, and having long-term family roots here, I feel this election is a fight to ensure that this area remains a place where someone would want to raise a family. I could not sit on the sidelines as another election cycle passes without a serious primary challenge. Many career political insiders will label this campaign a whimsical upstart effort with no real chance of success; this is flawed logic. With such low voter turnout in primary elections, a grassroots campaign could win with little money, but a strong and energetic candidate who isn't afraid to knock on doors and work hard. I plan to do just that, and I thank all the people who have showed support and have vowed to join me. My campaign's message is simple: "quality of life in the neighborhood and real reform in Albany"; my overall goal is equally simply: to prove that the people control their political destiny, not back room political wheelers and dealers.”
The campaign is gearing up for the start of petition circulation, and the campaign committee is accepting campaign contributions to “Friends of Rob Giuffre.” More importantly, any New York Democrat interested in collecting signatures to ensure ballot access should contact the candidate directly at (347) 538-6231. A website is under construction and will be up and running shortly.
Friends of Rob Giuffre

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