Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Petitions -Who's on First?

I wanted to start off with the old Abbott and Costello routine that went Who's on First, What's on Second, I Don't Know-Third Base, because that is what some of the petitions look like.
First you have to look at the petition to see who is listed in what position, and then say I don't know how that happened. A case in point is one of the petitions for 80th Assembly. The assembly candidate is Naomi Rivera, Male District Leader Kenny Agosto, Female District Leader Mariam Schwartz, Male State Committee Joe McManus, Female State Committee Diane Savino. You might say how did that happen, but it gets even more puzzling when you look at the committee to fill vacancies. Here you find the names Stanley Schlein, Jeffrey Dinowitz, Michael Benedetto, Helen Diane Foster, and Annabelle Palmer. So when you look at this petition again you say Why, or Because  and wind up in the outfield. If you really want to join the Abbott and Costello routine you say to the person with the petition why should I sign today when I can sign tomorrow, and you will be told that is our pitcher and catcher to end the story. 
I hope you liked my comparison of this to an Abbott and Costello routine. Next is the old Laurel and Hardy saying "Now look at the fine mess you got me into now".

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