Saturday, October 16, 2010

Looking for Channels 5 and 9 on Cablevision?

    If you are a Cablevision subscriber and turned your television and cable box on today it went to channel 1999 and gave you a pre-recorded message (from Cablevision) that channels 5 and 9 were taken off the air by News Corp the owners of the stations. The message continues to say that News Corp wants more than double the last agreement to keep the channels on Cablevision, more than several other networks combined. The message then attacks News Corp for owning two on the air television stations and two major newspapers while the law permits ownership of only one of each in a marketplace. 
    If you surf through the channels however you will find that all other fox cable channels are in fine working order. FNN, FX, FSC, FMC, etc. are all on the air on Cablevision. If you have a regular over the air television and a FCC required converter box you can see channels 5 and 9.
    If you remember the blackout of channel 7 from Cablevision earlier this year that ended twenty minutes after the Oscar Awards started, this dispute between News Corp and Cablevision should end in the third inning of game one of the World Series. We have received a correspondence from Senator Jeff Klein on this matter. We hope to hear from other elected officials also on this matter, especially our members of Congress who make the laws and regulations for broadcasting.
I am deeply disappointed that as of today my constituents can no longer view Fox 5 and My9, blacking out access to this weekend’s NY Giants Football Game, National League Playoff games, and possibility of the World Series.  It is imperative that the parties immediately restore programming to consumers and submit to binding arbitration.  I call on the Federal Communications Commission, as the federal agency charged with protecting the interest of consumers in such disputes, to act quickly to bring the parties together and reaffirm its call for arbitration - to ensure that consumers are able to watch this highly anticipated programming.
     Thank you Senator Klein.

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