Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg Announces Schools Chancellor Joel Klein Resigns

     It is official New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has resigned his job as schools chancellor to take a position with News Corp the owners of the New York Post, television stations channels 5 and 9 among the many vast holdings of the Murdoch empire. Could it be that Klein has been tapped to negotiate the deal with Cablevision, or will he now run the Fox Sports Department, but it is said that Klein will be an executive vice president in the chairman’s office. 
     Bloomberg said that it was time for Klein to go, and no one deserves more credit for turning around a dysfunctional school system then Joel Klein. Klein had initially said that he would serve only two four year terms as schools chancellor, not knowing that the Mayor would get the City Council to change the term limit law so they could serve a third term in office. 
    Ms. Cathie Black the current Hearst Magazines Chairwoman will replace Joel Klein as the new chancellor as announced by Mayor Bloomberg. Ms. Black is right out of the Klein mold, as schools chancellor Klein was chairman and chief executive officer of Bertelsmann, Inc. one of the world’s largest media companies.
    We have no doubt that Ms. Black will be just like Joel Klein, and continue most if not all of his policies.  We see no improvement in parent relations, lower test scores (now that the inflated scores were revealed as false), and we look for a teacher strike when the UFT contract runs out.It is rumored that Ms. Black is an advocate of Charter Schools.
    Welcome to the New York City education system Ms. Black
Statement from Borough President Diaz
RE: The appointment of Cathie Black as new chancellor of the Department of Education
“I welcome Cathie Black as the new chancellor of the Department of Education. This is a very challenging time for public schools in New York City. We have seen State test scores drop dramatically at schools across the five boroughs, stagnant graduation rates at our high schools, and schools closed without any meaningful input from the community. In many ways Bronx parents and parents throughout the city have lost confidence in the Department of Education, and I am hopeful that Ms. Black will usher in a new era of collaboration and community responsiveness at the DOE while we work together to improve our public schools for the 1.1 million children who rely on them,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

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