Sunday, November 28, 2010

Riverdale Review Boycott?

    It appears that there is someone or some people who are participating in the above boycott who are leaving comments that have derogatory remarks. In the matter of the boycott of the Riverdale Review this blog and my column have taken an opinion that the whole matter is none of our business. While we may have some gripes with the owner of the Review, we also have some problems with the those tactics that are being used by the anti-Review people, such as the comments being left on this and other blogs. I have not seen any of those comments on the Bronx News Network blog, and why has Gary Axelbank not done a show about it.
    I will not get into the personalities of Mr. Andrew Wolf or Mr. Anthony Perez Cassino, whom this whole boycott seems to be centering around. If you want to comment on this post you may, however please do not put any links to biased opinions, or derogatory remarks as they will be deleted.  


  1. Hey 100Percent:

    You can PRETEND that none of this matters to you and that its none of your business, but the following are YOUR OWN WORDS on this subject from the BoogieDowner blog on Nov. 19, and you don’t seem to be any friend of former Community Board 8 Chairman Tony Cassino (a man who has been of enormous service and benefit to this community for so many years, and he’s only a volunteer!). It sounds to me like you are simply an Andy Wolf apologist.

    Anyway, here's what you had to say:

    “100PercentBronx said...
    Birds of a feather flock together, and live right around the corner from each other. Yes I mean Anthony Perez Cassino, and Andrew Wolf. Not only does Mr. Cassino live around the corner from Mr. Wolf, but also the Riverdale Review office.
    Review some history and you will see that Mr. Wolf is correct in his facts over time, but he may be to blunt about it.
    Since BD is in Bedford Park and Andy Wolf is Riverdale, do you really want to go there?
    Let's not also forget that Mr. Cassino's blog is as one sided as Mr. Wolf's paper.
    That's 100 percent if the story.
    November 19, 2010 4:36 PM”

  2. The outraged parents and others in the community are are well within their rights to use a boycott to show their displeasure with the Riverdale Review's objectionable coverage.