Monday, November 1, 2010

Tomorrow Is Election Day
Vote No on Both Ballot Proposals
  If you read last weeks column titled AEG strikes again at the end of the column you saw our predictions for election day 2010 statewide. We still thing that the Coumo landslide will pull in three new Democratic seats in the State Senate, and Comptroller candidate Tom DiNapoli. As for A.G. candidate Eric Schniderman who won the Democratic Primary with only 34 percent, he could be in trouble. Schniderman has been sideswiped more than once by not only his opponent, but by cable t.v. channel New York 1.
    Locally it looks like 81st Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz will breeze once again to victory, and we wonder why Mr. Anthony Perez Cassino did not challenge him this year. That could have been a very interesting race, as Mr. Cassino could have confronted Dinowitz face to face about his removal from Community Board #8, rather then having someone unfamiliar to the situation sit in for him. We also expect State Senator Jeff Klein currently Deputy Senate Majority Leader to coast to an easy victory. The only question is will Senator Klein become the Senate Majority Leader or become its next Senate Minority Leader? 
    If the Dems loose the State Senate that could be the out to allow Senator Klein run for the possible new East Bronx congressional seat after redistricting. We will tell you that New York should be loosing two congressional seats so get your good-byes ready as Congressman Joe Crowley will probably be going back to Queens County as his whole district. Will former Bronx Borough President Carrion, Senator Klein, Bronx County Democratic County Leader Heastie, Councilman Seabrook, or someone else be looking to run for that new congressional seat?
    We also hope that you vote tomorrow, and vote no on both ballot proposals.

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