Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Riverdalian Charles Moerdler named to MTA Board

   Prominent labor lawyer and Riverdale community leader Mr. Charles Moerdler has been named to the MTA board. It is unclear just whom Mr Moerdler will replace on the MTA board as there are several members who are holdover  members beyond the expiration of their terms. With his extensive labor background it is suspected that Mr. Moerdler will represent either the  Transit Workers Union, or the Metro North Railroad Unions. 
    There are 17 members of the MTA board appointed by either the Governor, Mayor of New York City, 7 surrounding county executives serviced by the MTA, employee unions, and New York City Transit Riders Council. The 17 member MTA board is headed by Mr. Jay Walder, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

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  1. While I proudly counsel labor, I expect to "represent" the interest of the people of the Bronx and of the entire MTA region. They come first.
    Charles Moerdler