Monday, January 31, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Trying to Con State Legislatures on Teachers

    Mayor Bloomberg is trying to con the state legislature on the teacher tenure rule by trying to save money by laying off veteran teachers rather than new inexperienced teachers. The claim by the mayor is that recently hired teachers have fresh new ideas, but in reality such fresh new ideas can only be used if they fit into the Bloomberg way of teaching. Below is a statement from State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. about the problem of not how not to lay off teachers, but how to lay off the more experienced higher earning teachers for Senator Diaz's friend Mayor Bloomberg. 
    Pass KEEP Legislation Now!
    Albany, NY- State Senator Rubén Díaz, Sr. today called on the Legislature to pass the Keep Excellent and Effective Professionals in the classroom (KEEP) Act (S.95), which would ensure that the City’s most effective teachers are not laid off in the event of massive budget cuts as is widely anticipated.
    “I introduced this bill last year at the request of Mayor Bloomberg, and reintroduced it this year. There is no reason why this bill should not be reported and brought to the floor of the Senate for a vote” remarked
Senator Díaz.
    “Losing even one teacher will hurt, but losing many teachers simply because they’re new to the job threatens our schools and would be devastating to the students in my district who need their passion, energy, and good ideas,” Senator Díaz said. “If our schools must lay off teachers, the school community must have a say in who stays and who goes,” he continued.
    “Now that Mayor Bloomberg has called on Governor Cuomo to end the rule that protects teachers with seniority, regardless of ability, I would suggest that the legislative process is the way to fulfill the Mayor’s request,” stated Senator Díaz.
    We have to now ask Senator Diaz- Do you know who are the best teachers at a particular school, or are you going to leave that up to Mayor Bloomberg, his new  chancellor of one month, or his newly promoted inexperienced principals. Mind you watch how many school principals have gone over their budget last year, and just how many school budgets are to be cut this year because of the overspending. Have you forgot that Mayor Bloomberg has tried to rewrite the Decentralization law, ignored parents completely, and wants to replace public schools with charter schools that pick and choose their students.

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