Thursday, January 13, 2011

State Senate Minority Leader John Sampson-What he Didn't Say to Us

    In this weeks column of 100 PERCENT (in the Bronx News or online at, the Bedford Park link on the left) we spoke to New State Senate Minority leader asking him about the new Independent Democratic Conference led by his former Deputy Leader Senator Jeff Klein. Sampson's answer was go ask Senator Klein, and we are all still Democrats. While I knew Senator Sampson's answer wasn't going to be "I didn't want to say anything that may incriminate me in the future", maybe because he was alone in the Bronx could that be why Sampson was so tight lipped.
    Wednesday night Senator John Sampson appeared on "Inside City Hall" with host Errol Lewis to talk about his new role as Senate Minority Leader, and the new IDC led by Senator Klein. Sampson opened up by saying that it was Senator Jeff Klein who nominated him, had a million dollar payroll, and knew about everything that was going on. Sampson added that only Senator Valesky spoke to him before the new IDC was created. Sampson criticized upstate Senator Carlucci, whom Sampson said got $750,000.00 dollars for his reelection bid, but also said nothing to Sampson on the IDC. 
    Minority Leader Sampson continued to ramble on with his rant, saying that Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. is the most independent senator in the senate who has stayed loyal to him. "Instead of giving me credit, people stab me in the back", referring to Senator Klein. Sampson also made sure that he mentioned Senator Klein's new office as one of the perks of the IDC. 
    The interview then changed to the subject of Walmart wanting to open in Senator Sampson's district. Sampson said that there is a difference between Walmart jobs and good paying jobs with benefits, also saying that his constituents are dependent on public assistance.
    Here is the link to the Wednesday January 12th Inside City Hall interview of Minority Leader John Sampson, and judge for yourself.

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