Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Did The City Council Hearings Find Out?

    In only a few hours of questioning top city officials the phrase "The City's Response was Unacceptable" could be heard by not only council members, but also by Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith who was in charge during the Christmas blizzard of 2010. Goldsmith admitted that there were many mistakes including that a snow emergency should have been called up to 24 hours prior to when it was declared.
    Council members found out that there were screw-ups and blunders by ill informed and ill equipped city officials. Many city vehicles did not have chains or radios to call for help when they got stuck, and there was no official announcement for private contractors to help remove the snow.
    At a press conference this afternoon, Mayor Bloomberg said that the city is well prepared for tonight's snow learning from the mistakes of the previous storm. As the mayor took questions one reporter asked the mayor if he was in Bermuda during the blizzard. Mayor Bloomberg did not deny or confirm where he was, only to say that there is a public schedule that he has and private time. Bloomberg added that he will be taking in a Ranger game tonight, and believes that it will end before tonight's storm begins.

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