Monday, March 21, 2011

Did Some City Council Members Skirt Laws, Bend Rules, and Abuse Their Power?

    Here The Daily News reports that some City Council members have skirted laws. bent rules, and abused their power. Check the link to see if your city council member is listed as a tax dodger, deadbeat dad, has outstanding arrest warrants, is swimming in debt, circumvented rules in one way or another, is about to move into a luxury condo building that she used taxpayer money to resole a problem, or is under indictment for varying reasons. We didn't want to name any council members, but the Daily News article does. They mention Speaker Quinn by name as the council member about to move into the luxury condo that she used taxpayer money to resolve a specific problem. 
   With all this abuse coming from the head (or Speaker) down to several City Council members we still would like to know why Speaker Quinn is not in a jumpsuit that matches her hair. Almost every paper quoted her as saying " I told my office to stop doing that, when we found out", referring to a different investigation.

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