Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lawmakers Spar over Taxing the Rich

  Bronx Assemblyman Jose Rivera (78th A.D.) said "stop talking sh*t" about the fight over state aid between NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo. Rivera added that certain people should stop whining. 
  Over in the state senate meanwhile, Senator Gustavo Rivera (no relation) questioned the Republican Senate Finance chairman on the millionaire's tax, trying to get Senator De Francisco to say that it was a tax break for the rich by letting it expire. 
  And then there was Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. who accused Governor Cuomo of eyeing the White House, instead of doing what's right for New Yorkers. See the entire article "Lawmakers Spar Over Taxing the Rich" here , including the 5 1/2 minute video of Senator Diaz announcing the Cuomo for President campaign.

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