Thursday, March 31, 2011

  This came in from Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. which talks about "Conference of Somos Uno" , the annual function for Hispanic legislators to meet, and discuss ways in which they can use their power to defend political abuses and resolve the disadvantages they have as Hispanics. This ends by saying that the black and hispanic elected officials whom voted yes on the budget turned their backs on their communities, to win favor with Governor Cuomo.

     Are We One or Are We the Shame?

This weekend, the Legislative Conference known as Somos Uno or “We are One”, which is comprised of all the Hispanic Legislators of the State Legislature, will gather in Albany, the State Capital to find ways in which Hispanic elected officials can protect, defend and stand up for the Hispanic community all across New York State.

This Conference of Somos Uno began its’ annual functions more than 30 years ago under the name Somos el Futuro or “We are the Future,”  under the guidance of the late Assemblyman Angelo del Toro.

This weekend, from Friday to Sunday, all will gather in Albany where there will be workshops and conferences to discuss ways in which we can use our power to defend political abuses and resolve the disadvantages we have as Hispanics.

The problem  is that these same elected officials were the first ones to give up and trade our community, sometimes for a pittance.

Last night, those same legislators, almost all, voted in favor of the budget which will practically devastate our people.

If all the elected officials, both Hispanic and African-American, would have come together in favor of the poor, the elderly, the children and the needy, we would have defeated the budget and forced the Governor to include the Millionaires Tax and/or extend Rent Control.

Yes my dear friends, we have the power to morally send a message, with our “No” vote,  Governor Cuomo will not be able to continue cutting services to the people that we are supposed to defend.

Instead, one by one, our own legislators and those who will meet this weekend to try to form new methods to defend our people, were the first to fail and lost the opportunity to tell Governor Cuomo “enough is enough.”

Some of them may tell you that they had no other alternative, that if they did not it would cripple the government, or they would have offered some other type of political spin to defend their actions.

I say that there is always an alternative. The alternative to vote with courage and determination. The alternative to defend our community and not say one thing publicly and do another privately with the Governor.

I am afraid that this is not the first nor the last time our elected officials will turn their backs on our community to win the favor of the Governor.

I am afraid that this is not the first time that We are One or We are the Future has become “We are the Shame.”

I am Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.

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