Monday, March 7, 2011

Upcoming Events From Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

1.- Garifuna-American Heritage Month in the Bronx
The Bronx Borough President Office and the Garifuna Coalition USA, Inc, will celebrate the proclamation of March 11th – April 12th, 2011 as Garifuna Heritage Month 2011 in observance of the 214th anniversary of the exile of the Garifuna people from St Vincent on March 11th, 1797 and their settlement in Central America on April 12th, 1797.
During Garifuna-American Heritage Month, we will celebrate the great contributions of Garifuna-Americans to the fabric of New York City, and we will pay tribute to the common culture and bonds of friendship that unite the United States and the Garifuna countries of origin.  
Friday March 11th --5:30 PM 
Bronx County Building - 851 Grand Concourse- Rotunda
RSVP to 718-590-3989

2. – Women’s History Month: 
The Borough President will celebrate the courage and contributions of American women during Women’s History Month 2011
Several great women will be honored for their achievements and contribute ons to the Bronx and NYC. 
Wednesday, March 16 -- 9:30 am
Frankie and Johnny’s Pine – 1913 Bronxdale Avenue Bronx, NY 10462
RSVP TO 718-590-3522 or email
3. – Irish Heritage Celebration
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. will join members of the Bronx Irish American community in celebration of Irish American Heritage Month 2011. 
Borough President Diaz will honor a group of Irish- Americans for their contributions to our community. 
Wednesday, March 23 -- 6:00 pm
Rambling House- 4292 Katonah Avenue
To RSVP, please call Sonia Malave 718-590-3989
(Come to the Irish Heritage Celebration to protest Mayor Bloomberg by getting inebriated and hanging out a window) - We are just kidding.     





  1. Adding the words "just kidding" doesn't make negative stereo-typing acceptable. Neither does the excuse the Mayor did it first. Would similar stereo-typing of Jews or African Americans be OK if you added the words, "Just kidding"?

  2. There was no mention of any ethnic group hanging out windows, but you have shown us that since the third item is about Irish Heritage Month, and Mayor Bloomberg made the comment "inebriated Irish hanging out windows" that the comment must be about the Irish. In fact I hope that anyone of any ethnic background participates, and I would hope to see some of our local elected officials partake.

  3. I have no idea what you mean by "no mention of any ethnic group". This is what you wrote, word for word: "(Come to the Irish Heritage Celebration to protest Mayor Bloomberg by getting inebriated and hanging out a window) -We are just kidding." Note the word "Irish" -- it could not be clearer -- you mentioned an ethnic group. You proceed to use the same, offensive, anti-Irish stereo-types that the Mayor played at. The fact that you are "just kidding" doesn't make your actions any better than the Mayor's actions. The only difference I can see --he apologized. You have not.

  4. Jack if you or anyone else may be offended by my mocking Mayor Bloomberg's comment I am sorry, but it is all in the spirit of stupid sayings by many of the politicians. Yes I have called Mayor Bloomberg a politician, because he became one the day he ran for office, and I am sure he will manage to offend others before he leaves office.