Monday, February 6, 2012

Do Our State Legislators Know The State Boundaries?
Or: When Did  Secaucus New Jersey Become Part Of New York State?

   Here is a resolution to be voted on Tuesday February 7th in both houses of the state legislature. Please note that the state legislators have the name the state of the football team named the Giants who play their home games in the state of New Jersey as a New York team. Is it any wonder why our school children get answers wrong when their elected officials don't even know their own state boundaries.
   New York City School Children must think That the mayor of New York City is Corey Booker, who just happens to be the mayor of Newark, which is in the same state as the Giants. New York State School children must think that the governor of New York is then Chris Christie. I wonder how many school children even know the names of their state assembly member or state senator?
   It was a great win for the New Jersey Giants!

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