Sunday, February 5, 2012

Heastie Holds Closed Door Public Meeting
Re: Ramarley Graham Shooting

 On Saturday February 4th local elected officials and the Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson held a closed public meeting at Community Board 12 on White Plains Road one block from the shooting of Ramarley Graham in his home. The meeting was open to the public, but members of the press were bared from the meeting in what Assemblyman Carl Heastie would say later that he did not want to create a media circus. I was able to get in for a brief while to see Assemblyman Heastie, Bronx DA Johnson, and the Bronx Borough Police Commander on the stage set up, with other local elected officials in the front row. Once I was recognized by Assemblyman Heastie, he said that he would end the meeting unless I left. Since I left the meeting willingly I can not tell you what went on inside, only what I was told afterward by Assemblyman Heastie. 

  After the meeting Assemblyman Heastie came outside to take questions from the reporters that were assembled. I was able to ask DA Johnson how his office is going to handle the case, but he answered that he would not comment about the case leaving after my question. Assemblyman Heastie answered questions by saying that the police were forthcoming with their answers to the questions from the people, there is an investigation by the DA and police Department, and Heastie added that maybe more sensitivity training is needed not going into any details on what the police department might do. Heastie added that there are many concerns by residents that this could happen again in the community.
  Assemblyman Carl Heastie with Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz who is in front of Councilman Larry Seabrook and State Senator Ruth Hassal-Thompson speaking to reporters after the meeting that was held inside of Community Board 12. Also in the picture is Father Richard Gorman, Chairman of Community Board #12 with other Community Board 12 members. 


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