Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Judge Mann's New Congressional District Lines,
and What it Means to the Bronx

  The draft Congressional Districts for New York State has been released by Judge Mann, and here is what it means for the Bronx ans state. There are two congressional districts to be eliminated which are the current CD #22 in Hudson Valley upstate currently held by Democrat Maurice Hinchey. The other district to be eliminated would be CD #9 currently held by Republican Bob Turner, who won the seat in a special election last September after Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned. 

  As for the Bronx it looks like there is little change to Congressman Jose Serrano's district which becomes CD #15. Congressman Joe Crowley would loose most if not all of Coop-City, keeping the part of the Bronx he currently has below Pelham Parkway, and parts of Queens. That district becomes CD #14. Eliot Engel's current district which runs from Bedford Park in the Bronx up into Rockland County on the west sides of the Bronx and Westchester, and the neighboring district that also runs north to south from the Bronx on up to the rest of Westchester would run east to west with I-287 being the dividing line of the two districts. The new 16th CD would start at Riverdale, go across to Coop-City then up to below White Plains covering both the east and western portions of Westchester in between. The 17th CD starts with White Plains going up to Yorktown and across the Tapan Zee Bridge into Rockland County as it currently does. 
  If you are wondering where the Bedford Park, Norwood, Kingsbridge, Kingsbridge Heights, and University Heights areas of the Bronx are, they wind up in the CD # 13 which is currently Charlie Rangel's district. The 13th CD covers all of northern Manhattan from 96th Street on the East Side, and West 110th Street on the West Side, or the top of Central Park. 

  These new proposed congressional district lines are just that, as the state legislature still has about one week left to come up with their own plan for congressional district lines. Many state legislatures are saying that they are hoping to us Judge Mann's proposed lines as a guide.

  If you want to look at Judge Mann's findings, there are 34 pages in all, and  here is the link to the proposed district lines.

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