Friday, March 16, 2012

New Retro Burger/Yogurt Joint Comes to Riverdale

  Yo-Burger is the name of the newest store on the block of Riverdale Avenue between West 235th and West 238th Streets. Yo-Burger is a throw back to a 1960's drive in burger joint, but without the drive in and with the option of having yogurt if you want to watch the calories. Below is what you will see as you enter Yo-Burger, the option of six different flavors of soft serve yogurt and instructions on how to proceed.

  After you choose what flavor of yogurt you may want, you can proceed ahead to the fixings bar as pictured below. or to the register where you can order food.

  You can choose from over 24 different item from fresh fruit to M&M's or Reese's Pieces, and many other different items to have with your yogurt. You can then top it off with one of three different gourmet flavors of chocolate (that can be seen in the far right of the first picture)

  Pictures above is owner Mr. Arrian Curanat (who is also co-owner of the Salvatore's of Soho Italian restaurant a few stores up on Riverdale Avenue) by one of the registers where if you are not in the mood for yogurt you can order a fresh (made to order) Angus burger, Veggie burgers, hot dog with either regular or Sweet Potato fries, and either a drink or great tasting Thick Shake. Owner Curanat is holding one of the new Coaster Caller that you are given when you order food which lights up and vibrates when your food is ready. 
  We ordered a burger with a few of the 13 free toppings offered (bacon, cheese, or a side sauce is extra), and a had delicious Vanilla shake that took me back to my days when I use to visit the local Ice Cream Parlor as a kid. While you enjoy your food and drink there is a large screen T.V. to watch, and you might  think that you see Laverne and Shirley sitting at Yo-Burger, as I thought I did.
  Yo-Burger is located at 3726 Riverdale Avenue (between W.235th and W.238th Streets), and is open from 11AM to 11PM seven days a week. If you have any questions, you can call Yo-Burger at 718-708-6828 or email them at


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