Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ben Franklin Endorsement 13 C.D.

  The room was packed with Ben Franklin Club members (of the 81st Assembly District), and many others to see just who the Ben Franklin Democratic Club would endorse in the Democratic Primary in the 13th Congressional District. There was also the option of a no endorsement vote, as it was the same for the other position on the agenda the 34th State Senate District. 

   The 34th S.D. was first up, and there were no challengers to incumbent Senator Jeff Klein who had just picked up the bulk of 81st A.D. after redistricting. That fact was pointed out by currentwho said that working with one state senator who has the bulk of the district is better than four who each have a small piece of the assembly district.

   A wrench was thrown into the mix by Lorraine Coyle Koppell (wife of Councilman G. Oliver Koppell) when she asked if Senator Klein would support a Democrat for leader of the state senate or a Republican if his vote would make the difference. Senator Klein said that he is a Democrat, and would support a Democrat for senate leader if the opportunity came up. 

   Next up were four of the five candidates running for the 13th Congressional District. Current State Senator Adriano Espiallat, Ms. Joyce Johnson, Current 15th C.D. Congressman Charlie Rangel, and Mr. Craig Schley. Mr. Clyde Williams the fifth candidate in the race for the 13 C.D. decided to forgo this endorsement meeting. There were some questions and then Ben Franklin Club President Ms. Ellen Feld read the rules for the voting, that there was always the choice of no endorsement also for any position. 

   Senator Jeff Klein received the endorsement of the Ben Franklin Club 59 yes to 19 no endorsement votes for a 75% margin. In the 13th C.D. Senator Espiallat won the endorsement with 54 votes (70%) to 13 for Congressman Rangel, 2 for Mr. Schley, 1 for Ms. Johnson, 1 for Mr. Williams, 4 no endorsement, and two invalid ballots with more than one candidate marked.

Left - 13 C.D. Candidate Ms. Joyce Johnson.   Right - 13 C.D. candidate Mr. Craig Schley. 

Left -  Senator Adriano Espiallat making his point for the endorsement.  Right - Congressman Charlie Rangel talking about his record in congress.

Left - A joyous Senator Espiallat after receiving the Ben Franklin endorsement for the 13 C.D. with supporter Councilman G. Oliver Koppell.    Right - Senator Jeff Klein with Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz.
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