Monday, May 28, 2012

Is Senate Minority Leader Sampson on his Way Out?

John Sampson 

    There are reports that several key Democrats in the state senate are being asked to replace current State Senate Minority Leader John Sampson. Sampson came to lead the Senate Democrats when they took the majority and control of the state senate in 2008. However that was after the infamous holdout by the "Four Amigos" which probably lead to the Republicans regaining control of the state senate in 2010. 
   Among those that have reportedly been approached have been State Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson, State Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins, and Queens Senator Michael Gianaris. Also a long shot candidate is Brooklyn Senator Martin Dilan. 
   We could not reach State Senator Jeff Klein who was the Senate Deputy Minority Leader before Sampson took over for comment. After the Democrats lost control of the State Se4nate in 2010 Klein formed the Independent Democratic Conference with three other Democratic State Senators. 
    As far as we are concerned, Sampson can get a job at the new Aqueduct Racino.
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