Saturday, May 19, 2012

K.A.L.E.A.C Honors 50th Pct. Officers

  The Korean-American Law Enforcement Advisory Council came to the 50th Precinct to bestow honors upon the police officers and Captain Kevin J. Burke for the swift apprehension of the two individuals that killed 26 year old Hang Yang on his way home for his I Phone. Mr. Yang was shot at the corner of Cambridge Avenue and West 232nd Street, and died a short time later.
  Mr. Joo Tae Yoo President and Mr. Yeon S, Hong Vice-President of K.A.L.E.A.C. said that their organization tries to bridge the gap between citizens and the police department. The organization also raises money for fallen hero's and provides scholarships to their children. Both thanked the officers of the 50th Precinct for the swift apprehension of Mr. Yang's killers. Also  on hand were Mr. Yang's mother and sister who conveyed the same message. 
  Captain Kevin J. Burke, Lieutenant John Gogarty, Sergeant Lucas Miller, Detective James Campbell, and Detective Joseph K. Oneil all received awards from. K.A.L.E.A.C. Captain Burke in speaking about the case said “it was the fine police work that his detectives and officers did to crack the case, and the arrest of the two killers”. The two men identified as Dominick Davis and Alejandro Campos (when they were arrested) tried to sell the I Phone on Craigslist. “Have 2 I Phones 4 sale Inwood/Washington Heights” the ad read, and the detectives took it from there. 
  Local Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and Councilman G. Oliver Koppell also presented awards to the police officers. Assemblyman Dinowitz commented "that there had never been an incident such as this in Riverdale, and the community was outraged. Dinowitz added that these two men must be tried and sent away to jail for a long time. Mr. Adam Sandler of Councilman Koppell's office said that crimes like this will not be tolerated in our neighborhoods and that Councilman Koppell hopes that the swift apprehension of these killers will deter any similar events in the future. 

Left - Captain Kevin Burke explaining the details of the crime, and how officers apprehanded the two men responsible for the crime. Next to Captain Burke are Mr. Joo Tae Yoo President and Mr. Yeon S, Hong Vice-President of K.A.L.E.A.C. Right- Assemblyman Dinowitz presenting award to one of the officers as Captain Burke looks on.

Left - Assemblyman Dinowitz is between Mr. Yoo and Mr Hong from K.A.A.E.A.C., with Mr. Sandler of behind the officers and Captain Burke (Sergeant Miller was not at the ceremony, and is not in the photo).  Right - Community Affairs officer Mindy Ramos stands in for Sergeant Miller in this photo.
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