Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Statement by State Senator Rubén Díaz

Re; President Obama's Statement on Gay Marriage

  “As a conservative Democrat, I am very disappointed with President Barack Obama regarding his announcement today in favor of gay marriage.  It is well known that in every state where the people have had the opportunity to vote, including in North Carolina this week, the people have rejected gay marriage.  Even though the polls indicate that the majority of Americans favor gay marriage, the reality is clearly very different when the people are given the right to vote on this issue."
  Thirty-one (31) states have already expressed that sentiment in the voting booth. I am afraid that with this pronouncement, the President has hurt the Democrats’ chances of regaining the Senate and will hurt many Democratic candidates throughout the nation.  I will not be surprised if in the next few days you  see in the polls that Mitt Romney has surpassed Barack Obama.
  “Gay marriage has been the Achilles Heel in New York State since it became law.  The Democratic party has lost every single election to Republicans, even in Democratic controlled areas.”


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