Sunday, May 6, 2012

U.S. Census Bureau does more than conduct the once every 10-year Census 

Bronxites, Did you know...
The  U.S. Census Bureau does more than conduct the once every 10-year Census?  

(If you said NO you are not alone—Please spread the word!)

·        The Census conduct surveys every month involving thousands of households and businesses throughout the country.

·        One or several of these surveys are currently being conducted in your area:
o   American Community Survey Provides accurate and up-to-date demographic, economic, social, and housing profiles on communities.
o   Current Population Survey Provides monthly information on the labor force characteristics of America’s communities.
o   Current Population Survey Provides facts and figures that public health planners and organizations need to provide adequate health care in ycommunities.
o   Consumer Expenditure Survey Provides data for the Consumer Price Index and public and private investments and spending.
o   Survey of Income and Program Participation Provides current information about the financial situation of Americans on earnings, assets, spending, and income assistance programs.
o   National Crime & Victimization Survey Provides data on the extent and nature of crime in America and documents changes in the criminal justice system.
o   American Housing Survey Provides extensive data on the quality and characteristics of the housing stock in selected metropolitan areas around the nation.

·        These  “Current Surveys” collect data on conditions that affect our society such as labor force participation, income, and measures of health which impact funding and policy decisions for our borough.


·        Complete a Current Survey: If you receive a survey, please complete and send back to the US Census.

·        Get Involved…Help the US Census to educate your neighbors on the importance of responding to “Current Surveys”—Share this email.

·        Educate Your Friends: Ask a Community/Civic Organization You are Involved with to REQUEST A PRESENTATION/WORKSHOP ABOUT:

o   The different surveys that the Census conducts in your community and the importance of participating.
o   How to navigate and use the Census website and data products.
o   How to retrieve, download, and print Census data for select topics and geographies.
o   How to create maps using Census data.

U.S. Census Bureau—Rosemarie Fogarty
New York Regional Office
395 Hudson Street, Rm. 800
New York, NY 10014
Hours: Monday - Friday 9 - 4 PM


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