Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What You Should Know

By Sen. Rev. Rubén Díaz

There Is a Rat Among Us

In an article written by New York Daily News columnist Ken Lovett in the Monday, May 21st edition, I learned that there is a movement in the New York State Democratic Leadership to oust Senate Minority Leader John Sampson.

In his article, Ken Lovett even quoted one of his sources saying: “The writing is on the wall.”
Another Democratic source is quoted as stating: “These bad decisions on top of other ones he made, basically made it clear that John can’t be the leader.”

You should know that Mr. Lovett, without releasing the names of his sources, gave us an indication about who might be behind the so-called next “Coup.”  Mr. Lovett specifically writes: “one high-ranking Dem.”

In El Barrio, Hato Tejas sector La Cuchilla in Bayamon, Puerto Rico where I come from, when a person, man or woman, does this kind of back-stabbing and is not honest enough to release his or her name, we call them rats.

You should know that as soon as I read the article, I went around asking people, “Who do you think is this high ranking source plotting to knock Sampson out?”  It is interesting to see all of the names that people mention, starting with Jeff Klein, Liz Krueger, Mike Ginaris and – now hold on to your hats folks – Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Out of all of them, Andrew Cuomo is the most frequent name mentioned.  Even during our Democratic closed-door Conference, his name was mentioned by most of the Senators.  To many, this plot is an act of desperation by those who already visualize a victory in November by the Democrats when the Republicans (will probably) lose their Majority and control of the Senate.

As you should know, the relations
hip among Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator John Sampson and the Senate Democrats has become estranged and very ugly, even though in public they all act like nothing has happened.  This ugliness is due to Governor Andrew Cuomo dealing with the Republicans and doing everything possible to see that the Senate Democrats fail. Rumor has it, and all of the politics pundits are speculating, that there is a great possibility that the Democrats will regain control of the Senate and that Senator John Sampson will be back as Majority Leader as one of the maximum authorities in New York politics.

They say that Sampson will be back as Majority Leader with all of the experience and know-how he has obtained by the mistakes committed back when we were in the Majority. He will be a bionic reconstructed man, better, faster, and stronger. Knowing very well now, who are the friends and who are the enemies and that my dear reader will be a threat to the Governor and to those who have been having tons of fun with our Conference.

You should know that here in Albany, sooner or later, everything is known. There are no secrets here that people will not
find out.  Therefore, to the rat or rats, I suggest that it is better to be like me.  Speak your mind and don’t be a hypocrite.  Let people know who you are when you have something to say and don’t hide behind anonymity.

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I am Senator Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.
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