Monday, October 22, 2012

Bedford Mosholu Community Association Clean Up

     This past Saturday Ms. Barbara Stronzer and her troops from the Bedford Mosholu Community Association took on the fallen leaves in the park and on the nearby sidewalk. The flaking paint on the fence posts around the the park was taken care of by new 80th Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj (as you will see in the photos below), and his team of helpers from the family. Ms. Stronzer even was able to plant some flowers in the base of a huge tree that was knocked down during the last hurricane. 

Left - You can see part of the huge tree stump that dwarfs the people in the photo. It was the bed of this tree stump that flowers were planted.
Right - Youngsters Eleeyah Marroro & Ganimete Mujaj flank Ms. Stronzer and Ejlo Zagreda (Mark Gjonaj's 87 year old grandfather).

Left - New Assemblyman Mark Gjaonaj painting part of the wall on Mosholu Parkway. 
Right - Assemblyman Gjonaj is surrounded by family.

Left - Four generations of the Gjonal family were on hand to help. Assemblyman Gjonaj has his arms around his wife Roberta & mother Rosa, who are flanked by Marks grandfather and sons Nicholas & Joseph whose  cousins round out the group.
Right - Ms. Stronzer and others join in for this photo.

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