Monday, October 15, 2012

Comic Con 2012 -- Sunday October 14th 2012

     Comic Con 2012 was a four day event which ran from Thursday October 11th through Sunday October 14th at the Javits Center. This year each one of the four days had a different theme to it. Thursday Comic Con 2012 opened up in the afternoon to a limited audience. Friday was a general day open to all.  Saturday was bigger than Friday as it was the first day of the weekend, and Sunday was Kids Day at Comic Con 2012. On all days most of the comic booths had their artists or design people signing for free while there were booths that charged $20.00 or more for a celebrity signature or photo with the celebrity.

    I went back to Comic Con on Sunday for a second view of the event. While I thought the crowd on Friday was large, it was no comparison to the jam packed Sunday crowd. I asked people Sunday what they thought about Comic Con 2012, and got many different answers. The majority had no complaint, loved Comic Con 2012, expected the huge crowd, long lines to see what was happening at the popular booths, and were not surprised by the high prices of everything including food in the Javits Center. A few of the featured guests who were driving came in late due to the traffic gridlock around the Javits Center. Below are some of Sundays photos. Click on any to enlarge it.
Steve Wilkos was stuck in some of the traffic that surrounded the Javits Center, but made it to sign free autographs for his fans.

Left - Wonder Woman poses for photo.
Right - Another superhero poses for photo.

Left - Neu-Gen characters pose for photo.
Right - Make up artist Peter Rivera of Bullet Proof Inc. turning Ms. Charlotte Scott-Hayes into a zombie.

Left - Dark Horse Comics James Harren and Tyler Crook signing.
Right - Gregory Lamberson author of the “FRENZY WAR”, who with his Bronx partner Marc Makowski made the “SLIME CITY” cult film series of movies.   

Left - Wrestling superstars Tito Santana, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, and Brutis "The Barber" Beefcake pose with Harden, Elisia, and Jocelyn from the Parkchester  section of the Bronx.
Right - The Beautiful People from TNA wrestling "Knockouts" Angelina Love  and Velvet Sky.  No pigeons were let loose, and you must be a fan of the girls to get that.

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