Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This came in after our newspaper deadline.

    The St. Brendan’s Basketball Program will be hosting a fundraiser on Saturday, October 20th, from 7PM-10PM, at Beso Lounge at 320 E. 204th St. There will be a $30 cover which includes great drink specials and a free buffet. All proceeds will go toward new authentic basketball uniforms, a showcase for the trophies that they have received, and if funds allow, other items mentioned below to assist us in continuing to have a successful program.

The St. Brendan’s Basketball Program has been in existence for over 30 years, providing an atmosphere where children have fun and learn the valuable lessons that youth sports teach them. There are 6 different teams ranging from grades 1 through 8.  In 30 years, they have won more than 20 different division titles. 
In order for these successes to continue to happen, children and coaches need a lot of support. Lacking children to join the program, the coordinators have had to raise rates and resorted to bake sales and concession stand sales during basketball games to offset expenses in order to keep the program running. 

The goal of this fundraiser is to raise funds that will go toward a variety of badly needed items. Other than the immediate two items mentioned above, other necessities include a new scoreboard (15 years old, bulbs are out, and it resets during games), scorer table, basketballs, banners for the last few winning seasons. A savings account is also on the wishlist, to help with recurring expenses during the year such as school and organization fees, and water and ice for all the players at each game.

With your help, the team’s goals and dreams for the children could become a realization, keeping kids motivated and having fun, enjoying positive activities with other positive goal oriented kids, in a gym instead of on the street where they can end up with the wrong crowds.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who have supported us throughout the years. Always remember that our youth, on and off the court, are what this is all about. There is a lot more at stake here than just developing great basketball skills.

If you choose to donate in any fashion be it time, equipment or money, THANK YOU.  If it is a monetary donation please make checks payable to St. Brendan’s CYO. 

Who: St. Brendan’s Basketball Program
What: St. Brendan’s Basketball Fundraiser
When: Saturday, Oct. 20th, 7-10PM
Where: Beso Lounge, 320 E. 204th St., Bronx, NY 10467

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