Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post Hurricane Sandy The Photos

     Some of the photos of the day after Hurricane Sandy in the Northwest Bronx. You can click on any photo to enlarge it.

Left - one of the many many trees that were uprooted by Hurricane Sandy. 
Right - One of the many scenes you may have encountered on a secondary street. 
Left- Water is almost touching the Amtrak Bridge 
Right - This track reported to be under water during Hurricane Sandy, looked fine to us.

Left - Northbound Diesel powered train goes through station to see conditions.
Right - You can see the rear of the train and debris on the track to the right of the train.
Left - Tree covers car on street. 
Right - Another car has (live ?) wires on it.
Left - Henry Hudson Bridge is closed by MTA Police. It opened after 1 PM.
Right - Department of Sanitation crew taking away a tree that fell across this road.

Left - Tree on Sedwick Avenue fell on power lines and two cars. Yes those are live wires next to the cars, I was told.
Right - Utility pole was taken down by the tree and lies in the middle of Sedwick Avenue guarded by a police officer from the 50th Precinct. I was told that the wires on the downed pole were still live, hence the need for the police officer.

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