Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rooster Teeth celebrates 10 years of "Red vs. Blue" at NYCC

Rooster Teeth Productions has truly become a worldwide phenomenon.  The company is best know for creating "Red vs. Blue," the longest running web series of all time.  "Red vs. Blue" is celebrating it's 10th anniversary and will release "Season 10" and "RVBX," a 14-disc boxed set of all 10 seasons of the series on DVD/Blu-ray on November 6.  We will have advance copies of the upcoming "Season 10" and "RVBX" boxed set at NYCC for feature purposes.

In addition to "Red vs. Blue," Rooster Teeth is known for the immensely popular Rooster Teeth Podcast (#3 most downloaded podcast on iTunes), the AchievementHunter website, live action Rooster Teeth Shorts that have gone viral, and RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo), the annual gaming/internet convention created solely on the strength of the 1.4 million strong Rooster Teeth fan community.
ROOSTER TEETH at NYCC (Oct. 11 - 14)   
- Matt Hullum (Rooster Teeth Co-Founder, "Red vs. Blue" Writer/Director/Voice of "Sarge")
- Kathleen Zuelch ("Red vs. Blue" Season 10 Producer/Voice of "Tex")
- Monty Oum ("Red vs. Blue" Animation Supervisor & Fight Choreographer)
- Ray Narvaez Jr. (AchievementHunter Actor/Producer)
- Michael Jones (AchievementHunter Actor/Producer)

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