Thursday, February 28, 2013

NYC Design Commission Recommended Stone Dust for Putnam Trail!

(This came in from Save the Putnam Trail)

The NYC Public Design Commission recommended a STONE DUST surface for the Putnam Trail in May 2010. The Van Cortlandt Park Administrator Margot Perron said that, “strong support for the paved (asphalt) surface by community bike riders was sufficient in judgment of DPR” to overturn the qualified recommendation of the NYC Public Design Commission. Is this really how decisions are made now? Who are these “community bike riders” who make the decisions for the entire community regarding how $2.5 million in taxpayers funds are spent?
What happened to the voices of 90% of people who use the trail which include walkers, birders, hikers, runners, nature lovers, and thousands of other ordinary citizens? Why was their opinion not considered?

Ask the NYC Public Design Commission to reopen the review of the Putnam Trail and revert back to their original recommendation of a stone dust surface which is what an overwhelming majority of the community wants. Please ask the NYC Parks Dept. to produce evidence of all of these “community bike riders” who showed overwhelming support for asphalt paving and also ask why other users opinions were not considered.

Please contact the NYC Public Design Commission at this link

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