Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toy Fair 2013

   The New York Toy Fair 2013 was the place to find this Christmas's "next big toy". As you will see from the photos below there could be many big toys this Christmas or Chanukah.

Left - The Power Rangers were out in force at the Toy Fair as usual.
Right - There were bins of ball to be had.


Left - is a variation on the famous board game Monopoly called Old Age-Opoly where John Moran explains that the company has been in business for 28 years.
Right - some other versions of the Opoly game. 


Left - is the old classic small slot racing game on the market for over 25 years that has been updated for better performance.
Right - For a few dollars more one can get a real top of the line much larger home slot car racing game. 

Left - Star Trek space ships, phasers, and communicators from Captain Kirk and Piccard are still being made.
Right - The new breed of robots that do more and cost less. the one on the right or the dinosaur now sell for $79.99 suggested retail.  

Left - Unlike the old hand held robot fighters these are electronically controlled.
Right - Is a wooden Boys action Figure House.


Left - Tom Sempts of Oyo Sports Toys shows off his companies Baseball and Football products that are Lego compatible as you can see on the right.

Left - An assortment of wooden sleds since there was a blizzard the day before the Toy Fair began.
Right - Yoo Hoo from the My Little Pony booth mingles with the crowd. 

Left - In October 2012 two college buddies started a company that makes mustache tattoos, and the company has taken off. The pair have an NCAA licencing agreement now for college teams.
Right - Art Radani another young entrepreneur shows off his Ring Stix of which there are several different varieties.

Left - Brett Outchcunis of Yomega Corp shows his combination move of Double or Nothing & the Eiffel  Tower. While yo yo sales peaked in the late 1990's Yomega produces high performance yo yo's for competition, and sales are still strong. 
Right - Stink Cards from Stinkerz.com are not only for boys. Girls like the stink cards also.

Left - For Girls is Wild Styles dolls and accessories.
Right -  Sassy Fashion handbags for girls. 

Left - Three friends  who started the Bunnies by the Bay company.
Right - is a company that makes washable color able stuffed toys.

Left - A stencil drawable game called Doodle Art.
Right - Julie Blumberger of Jewish Educational Toys shows off some great gifts and toys for Chanukah.



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