Saturday, March 9, 2013

Albert Alvarez Fund Raiser 15th Council District

   The Albert Alvarez for City Council campaign got a big shot in the arm last night as over 200 people (mostly from the 15th council district) came out to support Mr. Alvarez in his bid for current term limited (and his boss) Councilman Joel Rivera's council seat. Albert has been the chief of staff for Councilman Joel Rivera since he was elected was the story told by Community Board 6 District Manager Ivine Galarza, and repeated by Councilman Rivera. Rivera went on to say that he and Albert Alvarez have walked the district, talked to the people, found out the problems, and worked together to solve those problems. 

   When candidate Alvarez started to speak it was a different person you saw. The mild mannered Chief of Staff first spoke in his native language (Spanish), and repeated what he had said in English mentioning that it was his sister who pushed him to learn English also. Candidate Alvarez thanked god and his parents, and then said no matter where you come from "the campaign begins tonight". "I am not going to be pushed around, I am from the neighborhood not a person who just moved into the 15th district, I have lived in the district for over 40 years, I don't need to prove what I am going to do because we need continually in the district, and I have been working to improve our community" he said. Candidate Alvarez thanked those who came out to support him, he thanked Councilman Rivera and CB 6 District Manager Ivine Galarza for their support, and all the others who have and will volunteer on his campaign. 

   A women of Distinction presentation was given by Candidate Alvarez to nine women (pictured below) who all thanked candidate Alvarez for the honor, and pledged their support to his campaign 100 percent or more. You can enlarge a photo by clicking on it.    
Left - CB 6 DM Ivine Galarza introduces Councilman Joel Rivera.
Right - Councilman Rivera tells the story of the hard work and dedication of his chief of staff Albert Alvarez.

Left - Candidate Alvarez speaks to the crowd.
Right - Candidate Alvarez with the nine Women of Distinction honored. From left to right - Wilma Alonso, Annette DeJesus, Ivine Galarza, Sara Logan, candidate Alvarez, Nerida Medina, Yolanda Negron, Rosemary Ordonez-Jenkins, Zola Pena, and Fiordaliza Rodriguez.

 Left - Many of the crowd present gets together for a group photo. In the front are Councilman Joel Rivera, Albert Alvarez, and Albert's Parents. 
Right - The party began with the "Albert Shuffle", as Albert Alvarez dances with Ivine Galarza and some of the other women present.

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