Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg's Sugary Soda Ban Gets Halted by State Supreme Judge

  On the eve that a new sugary soda ban of sales of over 16 ounces in certain eating establishments, the ban was struck down by Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling. Judge Tingling said that the ban was discriminatory because it only applied to businesses regulated by the city, and did not treat all sugary drinks equally. The ban would not have applied to all establishments only some, and the ban excluded other beverages that have higher concentrations of sugary sweeteners. The ban also had loopholes that defeated its purpose such as no limits on the number of refills.

  Mayor Bloomberg took to the airwaves during the 6 PM newscasts to say that the city will be going back to court to have this ruling overturned. Bloomberg also appeared on the Late Show to discuss his new sugary soda ban, but had to discuss the ruling against the ban further with host David Letterman. Letterman missed what could have been his best line in many years by not saying to Mayor Bloomberg "I guess your soda ban lost its fizz".  Instead Letterman said that he has to agree that people should guide their own destiny not government to which Bloomberg argued that government has a role in it. When Letterman brought up the Mayors infamous fondness for salt (that some want to ban), Mayor Bloomberg argued that the product "Cheese-Its" should not be banned because it is one of his favorite snacks.
  The duo went on with Bloomberg saying that 70,000 people nationwide will die from obesity with 5,000 coming from New York City. Bloomberg added that this is the first year that more people will die from overeating than from starvation. The subject then changed to gun control with Bloomberg saying that there are 50,000 gun dealers and only 14,000 McDonald's. The mayor added that 12,000 people will be killed by handguns, and 19,000 will commit suicide from handguns. Bloomberg concluded by saying that 14 states have tough gun laws, and those are the states with the lowest suicide rates.

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  1. So Mayor Bloomberg likes Cheese Its I always thought he was a rat.