Friday, March 1, 2013

Thompson Endorses Cohen For Council

  Former City Comptroller Bill Thompson became the third major Democratic candidate for mayor who has endorsed Andrew Cohen for the soon to vacant term limited city council seat of Councilman G. Oliver Koppell. The endorsement came in the North Riverdale section of the district in outside of PS 81.  Thompson & Cohen then walked to the Riverdale Neighborhood House to chat with Mr. Dan Eudence the Director of RNN. 

  In speaking with Mr. Eudence the two candidates learned of the many programs offered by RNN and the fragile funding streams that the youth center gets. RNN is made up of different parcels of adjoining  properties that were donated to the organization to form its current size and shape. 

Left - Former Comptroller & mayoral candidate with City Council candidate Andrew Cohen.
Right - Cohen shows off the art of using your hands that he learned from Public Advocate Bill De Blasio when DeBlasio endorsed Cohen.

Left - Candidate for mayor Bill Thompson meets an old friend of  council candidate Andrew Cohen, Mr. Dan Eudence the director of the Riverdale Neighborhood House. 
Right - After a brief tour of RHH the trio check out some of the outside yard space and new construction behind them at RNN.
Candidate for the 11th City Council seat Andrew Cohen thanks Former City Comptroller and candidate for mayor Bill Thompson for his endorsement, as they leave the Riverdale Neighborhood House.

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