Sunday, April 21, 2013

Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda Endorses Bill DeBlasio for Mayor

   Parkchester Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda and about 100 of the assemblyman's supporters came out today at the Metropolitan Oval to watch and cheer on Sepulveda's endorsement of current Public Advocate Bill BeBlasio for mayor in the upcoming Democratic primary. Assemblyman Sepulveda welcomed everyone by saying this year a new mayor will be elected. Parkchester is a microcosm of New York City made up of a lot of different people. Like New York City Parkchester has similar problems that have not been paid attention to. After careful talks with the candidates, community leaders, and his advisers he has chosen to endorse Bill DeBlasio for mayor in the Democratic primary. 
   Deblasio thanked Assemblyman Sepulveda for his choice of who to support in the mayors race, and Luis has done a great job for the community as an assemblyman and even before he was elected. Deblasio said that there needs to be a lot changed in the city starting off with a new Police commissioner, and that policing can be done that is more community friendly than it is now. Deblasio said that there are two New York City's. One where the rich get richer, and one where the poor get poorer. He added that the income disparity is now as great as it was in 1929 the year of the great depression. 
   DeBlasio went on to blast City Council Speaker (and opponent for mayor) Christine Quinn for holding up legislation in the council, sometimes for three years that was favorable to poor working New Yorkers. DeBlasio wants to tax the wealthiest New Yorkers to pay for full day Pre-K, and after school programs for middle school students. He said that Mayor Bloomberg is trying to close to many schools without helping said schools when they get into academic trouble. He added that he is in favor of an Inspector General to oversee the Police Department, and said "Yes you can have safety and respect also". 
   Deblasio closed by saying that Speaker Quinn wants to continue the Bloomberg Administration's policies that he wants to change. 

Left - Before the endorsement Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio, poses with Assemblyman Sepulveda. Deblasio's wife Charlene is between the two men.
Right - Deblasio shakes hands with some Parkchester residents.

Left - Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda tells why he is endorsing Bill DeBlasio for mayor in the upcoming Democratic primary. Sepulveda's wife Elizabeth stands to his right.
Right - Bill DeBlasio thanks Assemblyman Sepulveda for his endorsement, with DeBlasio's wife Charline on his left.


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