Monday, April 22, 2013

Committee For Effective Leadership Luncheon

   The Committee for Effective Leadership lead by Honorary Chair people Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, Assemblyman & Bronx Democratic County Leader Carl Heastie, Councilwoman Annabel Palma, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., and Councilman James Vacca held a luncheon Sunday afternoon to honor people for their exemplary leadership and service to their respective communities and to New York City. The honorees were 80th A.D. Male District Leader Kenneth Agosto, Executive Director of the Center for Community Change Deepak Bhargava, Director, & Senior Adviser on Disability and Access to the Democratic National Committee Becky Ogle. and 82nd A.D. State Committee person Naita Semaj. 
   The event was opened by Bronx Democratic County Adviser Patrick Jenkins who introduced 82nd A.D. State Committeeman Lewis Goldstein. Mr. Goldstein gave a brief speech about the honorees and brought up Congressman Eliot Engel. Congressman Engel said that he had to catch a plane to head back to Washington, spoke of the good work of the honorees, and did not miss any chance of slamming his Republican counterparts in Congress. Mr. Goldstein also introduced the Keynote speaker President of the NYS AFL/CIO  Mario Cilento. Mr. Cilento spoke of the gains and struggles of the labor movement in the past and now. He mentioned that some members of the legislature want to cut back on some of the gains that workers have made. He also wished the honorees all the best for the causes that they promote. 

Left - Mayoral candidates Bill Thompson and John Liu were in attendance.
Right - Congressman Engel thanks Mr. Lewis Goldstein for his hard work as BDCC advisor Patrick Jenkins looks on.

A group photo of the elected officials and honorees. 

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