Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Essen Medical Associates Opens New Offices

   On Sunday April 7th the newest Essen Medical Center opened up at 1550 University Avenue. This is the sixth center that Essen operates under the care of Dr. Sumir Sahgal. Dr. Sahgal started his first Clinic in 1999 which was designed to help the the growing Hiv-Aids problem at 2015 Grand Concourse. Since 1999 Dr. Sahgal has opened several other medical centers that are now offer a full variety of services from pre-natal to senior services. This new medical center has created 40 new jobs, and in all Dr. Sahgal said that over 120 people in all are employed at all his medical centers. The one goal of Dr. Sahgal is to open an Urgent Care facility as is opening up in other parts of the Bronx and city. These urgent care centers can do much more than a regular center can Dr. Sahgal said, because they can give the very same treatment that an emergency room visit can in many cases. 
Left - you can see the festive opening of the new Essen Medical Center located at 1550 University Avenue.
Right - State Senator Gustavo Rivera stopped by to welcome Dr. Sahgal, and pose for this photo.

Left - Distinguished Diagnostic Imaging Executive Director Joel Reisman (left) and two of his employees were on hand to talk about their services.
Right - Saint Barnabas Hospital was represented at the opening.

Left - representatives from the American Diabetes Association were on hand to give out information for better health.
Right - Cafe Bustello was one of the many offerings to visitors who came in to see the newest Essen Medical Center.

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