Friday, April 12, 2013


Speculates That Actions Initiated By His Office Pressured Landlord to Initiate Sale 

Council Member Oliver Koppell was pleased to learn that Morris Rubin, the owner of 3660 Waldo Avenue, (the “Majestic”) has put the building up for sale.  Because of numerous tenant complaints about lack of heat and hot water, mold, water leaks, elevator problems and other issues, he has been bringing pressure on HPD to enforce the law by requiring that these serious violations be corrected.   

Towards this end, Koppell’s office helped originate a tenant petition requesting a 7A procedure to remove Mr. Rubin and put an administrator in place to manage the building.   Although Mr. Rubin was not removed, HPD brought him to court where the judge ordered him “to abate the conditions  existing on the premises that are dangerous to the occupants’ life, health and safety” in a reasonable period of time.  He was required to repair the elevators, correct lead paint violations, make apartment repairs, replace old wooden stairs and remediate violations pertaining to the building’s facade.   

Koppell speculated that the requirements to make costly repairs no longer enabled Mr. Rubin to “milk” the building and contributed to his decision to sell it.  “I am hopeful that the tenants will see a new day when the building is sold and that the new owner will be more  responsive to the tenants’ right to live in a safe and habitable building,” he said.

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