Friday, April 19, 2013

Senator Rivera Urges Passage of Tough Ethics Reform Package

Senator Gustavo Rivera joined his colleagues in the Senate Democratic Conference on Monday in unveiling a tough legislative ethics package that will serve as a step forward in enacting true ethics reform and restoring the public's trust. 
Senator Rivera urges immediate passage of the Senate Democrats' new ethics package. He also supports the Governor's ethics package, the New York Trust Act, which would increase penalties for bribery and public corruption.
"Recent events have made it obvious that we need stronger anti-corruption legislation. Every time that an elected official betrays the public's trust, it makes it less likely that members of our community will get involved or participate in their government," said Senator Gustavo Rivera. "While it is unfortunate that corruption is a problem that continues to plague our community, we must continue to fight to ensure that all New Yorkers are represented by elected officials that will serve in the best interest of their constituents. Passing the Senate Democratic Conference's ethics package will be an important first step in combating corruption"
As an elected official whose three predecessors violated the public's trust, Senator Rivera has experienced firsthand the consequences that develop in a community which has lost faith in the system.
The Senate Democrats' ethics package will:
  • Retroactively strip pension benefits from any state or local official convicted of a felony involving a breach of public trust.
  • Outlaw the use of campaign money for criminal defense.
  • Strengthen the regulations regarding the use of campaign money.
  • Require elected officials to post campaign donation information on their websites\
  • Establish a public financing system for state campaigns.          

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