Friday, July 19, 2013

Bronx Democratic County Committee Dinner

  Wednesday night July 17th was the annual Bronx Democratic County Dinner. Before you entered the driveway however were protesters (from the Freedom Party) who were complaining about political corruption. Public Advocate candidate Lettita James (endorsed by the BDCC) greeted you at the door. In the main ballroom there was not an open space to be had as tables and chairs were set up to the max. I was told that over 1,000 people were expected during the course of the night, and that being with the Bronx Democratic County organization already having endorsed candidates in what seems to be a large field in almost every race. 

  BDCC Chairman Carl Heastie had lots of help from 77th A.D. Male District Leader Venancio "BENNY" Catala, BDCC Executive Director Ischia Bravo, and all of those who participated in the preparation of the dinner. There were lots of politicians in the house as Bronx BP Ruben Diaz might say. Citywide only Democratic candidate for mayor Bill Thompson (endorsed by the BDCC) was on hand, as well as current Manhattan Borough President and candidate for City Comptroller (endorsed by the BDCC) Scott Stringer, and  current Brooklyn Councilwoman and candidate for Public Advocate (endorsed by the BDCC) Lettita James.

   Statewide Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Attorney General Eric Schniderman, and Comptroller Tom Dinapoli were in attendance. Almost every Bronx current City Council member and State Assembly member also attended. I did not see however any of the four members of Congress in attendance, but did see reps of a couple. It was good to see Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj at this years dinner after being shut out of last year because he ran against a BDCC backed candidate. I won't go into what we both said, but we had a good laugh.

  I almost forgot to mention the Honorees at the dinner. Mr. Mitchell Draizin of Longview Capital Partners, Ms. Sandra Erickson of Sandra Erickson Real Estate inc., SEIU BJ32 President Hector Figueroa, Mr. Kenneth Knuckles of the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, Mr. Michael Mcguire of the Mason Tenders District Council, and Mr. George Miranda President of Teamsters Joint Council 16.


Left - Father Richard Gorman Chair of Community Board 12 gives the invocation as 77A.D. Male District Leader Venancio "BENNY" Catala and BDCC Executive Director Ischia Bravo stand with BDCC Chairman Heastie.
Right - BDCC Chairman Assemblyman Carl Heastie welcomes everyone.


Left - Could New York State Attorney General Eric Schniderman and Comptroller Tom Dinapoli be giving Manhattan Borough President and candidate for City Comptroller some advice in his race now against former Governor Elliot Spitzer, or just fixing Stringers tie.
Right - Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver addressing the audience.

Left - Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr. poses with Deputy BP Greene.
Right - Bronx BP Diaz with his good friend Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson.


  1. kennyfromallertonJuly 19, 2013 at 1:12 PM

    Mr press

    Is it true as a cb8 member part of uour job is to kiss rubencitos ass?

    1. I know this comment did not come from a certain person it is implied to have come from.
      In fact it seems to have come from someone who has been commenting on a different posting.
      As the saying in the movie goes- "I know what you did last summer", and will add "this petitioning period".

  2. Is it true that the committee of 100 democrats supported espada in 2010?


  3. The Committee of 100 Democrats supported Ricky Martinez for State Committeeman and Jose Rivera for Assembly in 2010. The Committee of 100 Democrats never supported Pedro Espada in 2010 or at any other time.
    Anthony Rivieccio was Ricky Martinez's campaign manager in 2010.