Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Response by Assemblyman Dinowitz to Stanton Attack on Him

Statement from Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Calling Upon
Clifford Stanton to Return Strip Club Money

Council candidate Clifford Stanton continues to attack me, despite the fact that I am not his opponent, in an apparent effort to change the subject from the huge amount of campaign contributions he received from the owner of strip clubs.

Both the Riverdale Press and the Riverdale Review reported that Mr. Stanton received large contributions from the owner of Scores, a strip club in Manhattan.  Mr. Stanton stated he is not a friend of this individual.  Since they’re not friends, why is the Scores owner donating and raising so much money for Mr. Stanton?  I certainly hope that we won’t be seeing strip clubs in our community.  After all, we recently had to deal with the problem of massage parlors in the neighborhood.

The owner of the strip clubs donated or raised thousands and thousands of dollars for Clifford Stanton.  These contributions, if and when matched by the City’s public financing system with taxpayer dollars, totals over $9,000.  That is a lot of money and a significant portion of all of the money that has been reported to the Campaign Finance Board by the Stanton campaign.  

Although Mr. Stanton continues to attack me and one of the newspapers that reported these very questionable contributions, at no time did he deny the accuracy of the reports in either newspaper (including the newspaper against whom he launched a boycott when he first contemplated running for the Council.)  He owes the voters of the Bronx’s 11th council district an explanation for these contributions to his campaign.

It is Mr. Stanton who has repeatedly raised the issue of the impact of a $250 contribution made by a reputable community leader to the Andrew Cohen campaign.  Therefore it’s only fair to question what Mr. Stanton’s obligation is to an individual who helped pump over $9,000 into his campaign and how that would affect the neighborhoods of the 11th Council district.  It is clear what needs to be done.

I call on Clifford Stanton to do the right thing and return all of these questionable campaign contributions immediately.

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  1. Northwest Bronx democratsJuly 24, 2013 at 6:41 AM

    We call on assemblyman dinowitz to reach out to some of those ben franklin monies and refurbish the neighborhood he has been in charge of for over 2 decades-no not just the community of riverdale-no not just the montefiore land community but the community of norwood