Monday, August 26, 2013

4th Term for Bloomberg or 3rd for Giuliani?

  The New York Post today endorsed City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for Mayor in the Democratic primary, and Joe Lhota for Mayor in the Republican primary. With both endorsements it was not long until Mike Bloomberg's and Rudy Giuliani's names were mentioned. 
  The Post compared Bloomberg and Giuliani to a Batman & Robin team that cleaned up New York City, and that the city "Could become like Detroit faster than you could say David Dinkins." Thugs could take over the streets, and business pack up for the suburbs the article continued. 
  The Post writes Quinn has the common sense needed to be mayor, while going into a much more detailed description of why Joe Lhota is the best chance for an "accountable and effective government". Right there the New York Post has said that City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has not been accountable or effective in her role as Speaker of the City Council. One has to wonder if Quinn has a chance of getting the Post endorsement should it wind up Lhota vs Quinn in November.
  The Post in its endorsement says "As speaker, Quinn often showed courage and responsibility by siding with Mayor Bloomberg, as well as by opposing the dangerous proposals of her far more radical council members". For holding up an ill-advised mandatory paid sick-leave bill, wanting to keep Ray Kelly as Police commissioner while, and pushing for an Inspector General of the NYPD.  The Post also does not miss the opportunity to bash the UFT (United Federation of Teachers), their candidate Bill Thompson, and quoting Mayor Bloomberg “If the UFT wants it, it ain’t good.”
  The Post concludes their endorsement of Christine Quinn by saying that free from election year pressures Quinn would revert back to her more moderate and sensible positions. 
  As for Joe Lhota the Post writes that Lhota was a Deputy Mayor and head of the MTA. Lhota's opponent the post writes is a self made businessman, but there is a difference between running a business and running a government. However the Post is disappointed that Lhota has fallen short in articulating a compelling and passionate message about what is at stake.
  To read the entire New York Post endorsements of Quinn and Lhota just click this link.

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