Saturday, August 17, 2013

Albert Alvarez Opens Campaign HQ

  15th City Council candidate Albert Alvarez today opened his campaign office on Webster Avenue just south of Fordham Road. As you will see in the photos below the place was packed with supporters. It was an unusually large spectrum of people from throughout the 15th council district. There were even some old strategist from many past campaigns who came to help candidate Alvarez become the front runner in this race. More than one candidate in this race has questioned "Why has Jimmy Vacca put a candidate in our race"? That reference is to Ritchie Torres a staffer for Jimmy Vacca, and one of the candidates in the 15th race.
  There were a few surprises at the grand opening, one being that the Albert Alvarez campaign has joined forces with the Eliot Stitzer for City Comptroller campaign. This sort of marriage between candidates often helps both candidates. Alvarez will help Spitzer in the Latino community, and Spitzer could give Albert Alvarez the needed boost to gain a few more votes that could make the difference in this race. The other surprise was the endorsement of Albert Alvarez by former 15th candidate Kenny Agosto. Many have aid that it was the Torres campaign that went after and knocked off Kenny Agosto, but Mr. Agosto denied that. Agosto said that he is backing who he feels is the best candidate in the 15th council race and that is Albert Alvarez.

Left - You can see the terrific banner for candidate Albert Alvarez that lines Webster Avenue south of Fordham Road complete with his photo, phone number and Website.
Right - You can see the Eliot Spitzer for Comptroller posters next to the Albert Alvarez posters.

Left & Right - you can see the packed campaign office.



    1) Is it true that Anthony Rivieccio was once one of the leaders of the Committee of 100 Democrats (and if so, what was his title)?

    2) Didn't the Committee of 100 Democrats end up supporting Pedro Espada Jr. after Mr. Revieccio left?

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  3. Welllet me see if I can help with the answer to the question above since the current vice chair of 100 democrats refuses to answer. Let's hope Mr press allows for freedom expression

    1-the committee was redeveloped in 2005 and my role was as press director . When the committee reshuffled, I was asked, and accepted executive direcctor till 2007.

    2- i left in 2008, and the executive board was reshuffled again. By then Northwest bronx Democrats started to pick up some steam. We worked with the committee in 2010 brokering a relayionship with assemblyman rivera for him to be state committeeman . OUR State senator candidate in 2010 was Gustavo Rivera while The Committee supported Pedro Espada.

  4. First Mr. Anthony Rivieccio is working on the Cynthia Thompkins campaign in the 15th city council race in case he forgot.
    In 2013 the Committee of 100 Democrats is having its 9th Annual Free Community Barbecue. Now let me give you the facts Mr. Rivieccio has forgotten.
    1- Mr. Rivieccio sent out the press release December 8th 2004 in his role as "Media Advisor" of the revival of the Committee of 100 Democrats.
    In early 2005 Mr. Rivieccio convinced Chairman Ricky Martinez to make him the "Executive Director".
    2- In 2006 Mr. Rivieccio made several attempts to gain control of the Committee, but failed.
    3- In Mr. Rivieccio's own column "North Bronx Thinktank" dated Dec.20, 2007 that appeared in the Bronx News he stated that he left the Committee of 100 Democrats in Dec. of 2006.
    Then Riverdale Press political reporter Manny Grossman in Jan. of 2008 wrote about the Committee's Dec. 2007 meeting and the four officers that were elected which did not include Mr. Rivieccio.
    4- Mr. Rivieccio was on his own with what he called the Committee of 100 Concerned Citizens. That name was changed several times to what it is now, his Northwest Bronx Democrats.
    5- In 2010 Assemblyman Jose Rivera ran for Assembly and District Leader not State Committeeman. Assemblyman Rivera was on a slate with incumbent State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. Committee of 100 Democrats Chairman Ricky Martinez ran for State Committeeman on that slate. Mr. Rivieccio was a part of getting Mr. Martinez on the Espada slate, so who do you think Rivieccio was supporting in the 33rd senate race?
    In 2010 I favored Mr. Dan Padernacht for the 33rd State Senate race. I had to rewrite my column "100 Percent" that still appears in the Bronx News from "Padernacht wins by Very Slim Margin" to "Rivera will win in 33rd".
    I have no problem letting Mr. Rivieccio comment as long as it is accurate and suitable.

  5. So Messrs. Rivieccio and Press did work together and were political allies. Two peas in a pod, so to speak?

  6. Rivieccio- a true community leader. Stretching the truth and hitting on women who don't want him on Facebook since....

  7. Look back in American History to see who were the people that the U.S. had worked with, and called an ally.
    I will say that I worked with Rivieccio, may have been on the same side, but we were never political allies.