Monday, August 26, 2013

Allerton Avenue Festival Huge Hit

  Sunday's Allerton Avenue Festival presented this year by Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj was the best yet. it was almost like a sold out rock concert as people were lined sidewalk to sidewalk viewing and eating the many different foods and other attractions this year. Assemblyman Gjonaj brought out the horse ride from last year that was a big hit on Halloween, and this time there was no hay. The 49th Pct. was there with the sky high rock climb wall. there was a stage where people went just nuts for Vic and his band "Just Nuts". There were of course the elected officials and those who are candidates especially from the 15th City Council District where the event was taking place in. 
 Left & Right - You can see some of the entertainment that was on hand.

Left - There were samples of homemade cakes.
Right - Assemblyman Gjonaj handing out one of his whistles for children and seniors. 

Left - The giant rock climbing wall exhibit from the NYPD.
Right - the stage where the music came from, and also the politicians spoke from, as you see 82nd A.D. Assemblyman Michael Bennedetto speaking to the crowd.


  1. We did not see any horse ride but we saw many community leaders from the area: including kenny agosto, janice williams anthony rivieccio and of course senator Jeffrey Klein

    Great party!

    1. Anthony Rivieccio a community leader how much did he pay you to write that one..