Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bronx LGBTQ Candidates Forum

 Wednesday August 20th The Bronx LGBTQ Center held its first Candidates Forum on LGBTQ issues. While this was a poorly attended event by both the candidates and the community one reason could have been a late change of location from St. Barnabas Hospital to the Bronx Public Library on Kingsbridge Road. Two public Advocate candidates started things off. Cathy Guerriero and Sidique Wai were the only candidates to show, but Ms. Guerriero came out in her usual advocating role and was the big winner here. 
  The city council races came next with three of the four candidates including the incumbent Councilwoman Mellisa Mark-Viverito. In the 11th District Mr. Cliff Stanton was alone, and left early due to another commitment. In the 15th District only candidates Albert Alvarez and Cynthia Thompkins showed, and there was a statement read after the two candidates finished from candidate Raquel Batista regretting not showing due to having her newborn daughter a few days ago. Both candidates in the 17th district showed, but at different times, and only Victor Pachardo and Kenny Nunez attended from the field of seven candidates. 
  Current City Comptroller John Liu was the only major candidate for Mayor to show as one minor candidate not even being listed in the polls was also there, and it was not Erick Salgado. Some photos are below, and you can visit Bronx LGBTQ at .


Left - Public Advocate candidates Cathy Guerriero and Sidique Wai.
Right - The candidates in the 8th & 11th Council District race.


Left - Two candidates from the 15th council race with the incumbent from the 17th council district.
Right - Two candidates from the 86th A.D. Special election and the challenger from the 17th council district.

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  1. The entire forum can be seen at

    While in-person attendance wasn't what it perhaps could have been, online attendance of the forum has been received quite well.