Monday, August 12, 2013

District Manager of CB 9 Fined For Misuse of City Resourses

  From a decision dated August 12, 2013, The NYC Conflict of Interest Board fined Community Board 9 District Manager Francisco Gonzalez $7,500.00 for using New York City resources for the purpose of personal gain for his private organization. 
  In a previous letter from the Conflict of Interest Board dated March 22, 2000 CB 9 District Manager Francisco Gonzalez was allowed to serve as President of the Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade providing he did not use any NYC or CB 9 resources including that any personal time used was not during work hours for the parade. The decision states that around 2005 that while he was on city time that District Manager Gonzalez coordinated and operated the parade activities out of the Community Board office using CB 9 resources for the parade. CB 9 computers, phones, fax machine, copier, personal, and conference room was used to help set up for the District Managers parade. 
  The decision went into details of  the District Manager using his CB9 desktop and laptop computers to store and review documents related to the parade during his CB 9 work time. That he allowed parade volunteers to use CB 9 resources, and instructed staff to do parade related material on city time. That the Vice-President of the parade a city employee used the CB 9 office for parade business including using the CB 9 office to meet those seeking information about the parade, and of storing parade materials in the CB 9 office. 
  The decision goes on to say that CB 9 District Manager Francisco Gonzalez admitted that his conduct violated the conflict of interest law by using CB 9 resources for his parade, and for doing so on city time. For doing so the District Manager of CB 9 has agreed to pay a fine of $7,500.00. Mr. Francisco Gonzalez has been the district manager of CB 9 since 1993. 
  Reaction from Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz's office was - “Our office is currently reviewing the findings of the Conflict of Interest Board regarding the matter of Francisco Gonzalez, District Manager of Community Board #9, and the misuse of taxpayer funds to support his parade. The findings of COIB represent a violation of the public trust. If similar conclusions of taxpayer abuse had been found about an elected official, that official would be forced to resign. Our office hopes that both Mr. Gonzalez and the members of Community Board #9 understand the gravity of these charges and act accordingly,” said John DeSio, communications director for Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

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  1. No wonder the community board took a vote to fire him.
    To bad it failed,
    Maybe they will vote again.