Friday, August 23, 2013

John Liu Visits Tracy Towers

  Mayoral candidate John Liu visited Tracy Towers to speak with the residents. 80th A.D. Male District Leader Kenny Agosto introduced the current comptroller, and like the appearance of Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson last week it took a little time for residents to come down after a long day of hard work. District Leader Agosto made his endorsement of John Liu for Mayor official. Agosto added that this mayors race is the most under polled and under estimated race. That was said last week by mayoral candidate Bill Thompson.
  Mayoral candidate John Liu spoke of his work as City Comptroller, and how he has saved the city millions of dollars in his audits of many different agencies and contracts. Liu added that he is proud to be the most investigated person himself, because when you do what he has done you make enemies who want you out of office. Liu continued with the issues such as Stop N Frisk, education, housing, transportation, and others ending by saying that "Change is needed to get the city back in the hands of the people".Liu then took several questions from the audience. 
  A question about summer youth work was answered that this year was the highest number of applications, but the lowest number of positions. On NYCHA housing Liu said where was Mayor Bloomberg his first 11 years, and now he wants to sell off parts of NYCHA. To a question of negotiating city worker contracts Liu said that the city budget went up 10 billion dollars last year, but rather than settle union contracts Mayor Bloomberg spent the money elsewhere. Liu finished by saying that Bloomberg has been a failure when it comes to education. All that Bloomberg has done was play the old shell game with the students in closing schools, and that he was proud of his record as city comptroller. 

Left - 80 A.D. Male District Leader Kenny Agosto introducing Mayoral candidate John Liu to the Tracy Towers audience.
Right - Liu and Agosto pose for this photo.

Left - Early on you can see the sparse crowd that grew as Mayoral candidate John Liu spoke. 
Right - A photo op with members of the Tracy Towers Tenants Association, Kenny Agosto, and Mayor al candidate John Liu.

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