Thursday, August 8, 2013

Merchants Join Senator Klein to Highlight Boost from Summer Concert Series

  State Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein kicked off his second concert of the season, he was joined by local business and restaurant owners to highlight how his annual summer concerts and movie events, taking place at venues across the Bronx. By staying in the area this will gave a boost to the local economy by encouraging attendees to come for the show and stay local for dinner.
   Singer & Entertainer Dionne Warwick headlines the Sunday August 27th event being held in Seton Park Independence Avenue between West 235th and West 236th Streets. One note of caution if you plan to drive to this concert. There are several speed bumps on and around Independence to slow down the speed of cars and other vehicles. Word from the Department of Transportation was once a driver goes over the new speed bumps they will know where they are.
  On  Saturday September 7th starting at 8 PM the movie "UP" will be presented as part of this program in Seton Park. To see all the listings around State Senator Klein's district you can find it at this link to Senator Klein
 Senator Jeff Klein announces his August Concert & Movie program 2013. Dionne Warwick is scheduled to highlight the August 27th concert in Seton Park.
Tracy Shelton the Executive Director of the Kingsbridge Riverdale Van Cortlandt Development Corporation is helping State Senator Klein as several local Riverdale merchants are also in the photo.


  1. Its good to see the senator and ms sheldon providing goodies for our area. Ms sheldon is a supporter of cliff stanton for council

  2. I did not know mrs feld, the president of the ben franklin club was a merchant. What business does she own?

  3. Are you sure Ms. Shelton is a supporter of Cliff Stanton? Why don't you ask her?

  4. friends of cliff stantonAugust 10, 2013 at 6:05 AM

    Ms shelton is a member

  5. Who really cares who she supports? Who died and made her boss of anything anyway?

  6. Here is what Ms. Shelton had to say about Cliff Stanton (at the 4:25 mark in

    "Cliff’s the real deal. I would love to see Cliff in elected office in this community. He’s given us wonderful things at PS 24 . . . wonderful fundraisers and events, and he’s brought service to the school, and causes and environmental issues like Walk to School Day and Earth Day, and just wonderful, wonderful things that are all Cliff. He’s also brought wonderful things to the larger community. There’s just so much more we could be with just a little imagination, a little creativity, a little vision, a little of what Cliff has. Cliff, honestly, he’s got one great idea after another, and he can do it. He’s willing to work hard and get it done. And he just needs to have the position, and we’re going to have a great community with Cliff."

    Excecutive Director, KRVC

  7. The above came in under an anonymous name, and not as Ms. Tracy Shelton as listed above.
    Ms. Shelton's comments can be found at the 4:24 minute mark.