Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Raquel Batista , Candidate for Bronx 15th City Council District, Gives Birth Today

   Raquel Batista, Democratic candidate for New York City Council’s 15th district, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Carmen, at 12:23 am August 14.  Both Raquel and Carmen are doing well.  Raquel would like to thank Montefiore hospital for the great care they have given her.

Raquel continued to campaign hard throughout her pregnancy, leading canvasses and working phone banks.  She attended events and rallies and was successful in defending the challenges against her designating petition, (as was reportred on) which would have kept her off the ballot.  All well into the advanced stages and due date of her pregnancy.

The Batista campaign said that 15th candidate Raquel Batista wants to thank all those who helped her, but she  is planning to take some time off to recover and spend time with her new born daughter Carmen. Raquel Batista said that she will be back out on the campaign trail soon.   

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